24.Dec – { Unveiling le Ratchets }



This goes out to the sophisti-ratchets that don’t think they are of the lowly breed of woman that exude extremely high levels of pure stank.  Whether it’s bragging on the liabilities that plague your progression from your current section ocho state – or the tangerine colored extensions that get caught in your lip piercings (which look like metalicized mouth herpes btw)….I’m going to need you to go ahead and categorize yourself appropriately and police each other in the way of social media.

Far too long have we sat back and viewed your attempt at the english language with words that are infused with numbers replacing letters – and status’ and tweets with you soliciting for the support of the most nonsensical and absurd statements.  Your Wet Seal zeal make you look sticky as you parade about rocking the “original” leopard print leggings rapping the lyrics to the latest song which is more than likely talking about you ….

i need you to chill – America needs you to chill – and ignore the phone call from your dread-locked boo who is probably wearing truckfit/camos and retro-grade Jordans…ignore the call – sit in a corner and think about your life….



2 thoughts on “24.Dec – { Unveiling le Ratchets }

  1. You are hilarious!!!! I always used to say I was SophistiRatchet, but after reading this very detailed description sadly I don’t think I fit the bill lol! Now I must coin a new phrase to describe my classy yet “with the shits” mentality.
    Very nicely written!

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