26.Jan { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadlfy } – “Smoked Pork” – by Gabriel Owens


F*** Tha Police! – N.W.A.

“I’m a mother f***ing cop killer!” – Body Count

“They hate us, we hate them!” – Black Flag, “Police Story”

By Gabriel Owens

I’ll start this off by saying I don’t have a high opinion of the police.  Maybe that’s funny coming from a military member, but there’s a world of institutional differences in my experience, despite being not dissimilar fields. Military seems to run the gamut of the types of people we get,  while cops seem to draw a hell of a lot of bullies and thugs that now can get arrested for the stuff they did in high school, so they chose a career where it’s essentially legal and they’re doing the arresting.

I know, I know, “They’re not ALL like that!” you say.  Well, of course not.  But you can’t tell me it’s a few bad apples, which any field will get.  My perspective is a disturbing large amount of rotting fruit in the bowl of law enforcement.

Just how long they’ve gotten away with a lot of non-role model behavior is uncertain; we can only go by historical records.  But there’s a hell of a lot of documented evidence of crappy, even murderous behavior before the age of video and the new age of immediate information dissemination.  Ask any person of color, or homosexual, or a trans person who lived before the 80s how it was.  Hell, ask anyone who lived below the poverty line for that matter.

So, in the last few decades, the power of the people emerged through technology.  Handheld camcorders became a thing in the 80s.  This led to one of our first “busts” of the police being less than officer friendly by the common folk with the Rodney King video.  It shocked middle America, but was business as usual for a lot of folks, especially those of color, the LGBT community, and the punk rockers of the 80s in LA.  And then all the trouble that ensued afterwards, most of the country didn’t get it.  Yeah, the acquittal was bullcrap, but do you gotta riot over it?  Understanding the backstory to the city and its relations with its police force is important.

Over time, we got cameras everywhere.  Everyone has a video recorder in their pocket.  They started making dash cams mandatory for cop cars.

And more and more bad behavior comes out.  Instead of making them watch their behavior, they got irritated and started illegally turning off their dash cams and illegally threatening to arrest citizens attempting to record them.  Security footage goes missing.  Ect.

Even when stuff like beating a mentally disabled homeless man to death comes out, they get a nice paid vacation and still get acquitted.  It’s frustrating when there’s undeniable visual evidence of wrong doing, but the institutionalized system that errs on the side of the cops is still in place.

It’s a slow hill to climb, brothers and sisters.  But keep fighting the good fights.  Keep those videos going viral.  Pull out them cell phones when you see some stuff that don’t look right with your local po po.  Police the police.  At some point, they’ll have to give in and realize there’s no getting around they’re on Candid Camera.

And they’ll have to, you know, behave like the honorable protectors of the peace we pay them for.

–        Gabe out

25.Jan – { Ken’s Honest Attempt at Fathering }



There’s a constant self-assessment of my parenting – a check of what i desired as a child …. seeing if I’m being the father that I always wanted.  Don’t get it twisted…my dad was amazing, and you better believe that his example is one of many parts of my litmus test.   I’ve noticed some things amongst dads that never sat right with me…and so I’m going to speak on a couple of them.  Here they are in no particular order.

*Dad’s lack of true affection with their sons – – this only creates a greater issue when they get older, please don’t be stingy with the hugs and kisses on the forehead and cheek.  I tell my sons I love them  constantly and reaffirm with physical touch.  – Don’t worry homophobes, this won’t make your son gay.

*Dad’s wrong-view of presence – –  Just because you’re in the house, or you take them places doesn’t mean you’re parenting – yeah, in a lot of homes there’s a stay-at-home mom and the dad that works – but your provision does not replace the need for dad’s presence.

*Dad’s failed longview – – you do realize that these future adults that you’re raising is getting their ideology of the male in the home and society from your actions and speech right?  What will you perpetuate?  What falsehoods will you destroy?  Is any of this on your mind ever?

If you never find yourself thinking about the emotional and mental stability of your child, and how much you impact such things then you’re missing out on a huge part of parenting.  Dads out there – you need to be really intentional on grooming your legacy.  Because whether you choose to or not – you’re being an example, why not be a great one….on purpose.



24.Jan { Poetry } – silent poet



chewing unspoken speech

i digest my own crass words

facing my back words

i hear an applauding crowd when i close my eyes

all of them are me –

for not another soul has heard

nor have i shared a word for the fear of what could be

i tighten the lid on scattered thoughts and rarely lie in the deep

or pen the world that i create – and visit when sound asleep –

i am my own dam

my flow cannot run free….

for in my rivers roaming on

others will see the real me

so i chew unspoken speech

digest my own crass words

in life’s mirror i cannot see

instead i stand back words

23.Jan – { Why Bruno Mars will Ruin the Superbowl }



Ok – let’s go ahead and establish this from the top –


cool?……cool – now that we have that out of the way I can give you my reason for why he will ruin the Super Bowl, and what I think should happen to save it.

Bruno is the epitome of the metro-male…that has no place on the gridiron – what needs to happen is Iron Maiden and Wu Tang should come out and do a set together…but instead we’ll have a very tanned little mermaid crooning at half-time while I’m trying to drown myself in Natty Ice to make sure I’m not coherent enough to hear him whine.   The Super bowl is the epitome of raw steak and bloody knuckles…where men, manly women and awesome women that love football come together for the love of the sport – a sport that’s laced with hard hits, high adrenaline and speed.   Bruno will serve as the “cold shower” of the football feel.

I submit that we convince Richard Sherman to run out – snatch the mic from Mr. Mars and do his rendition of “Slam” by ONYX – it’s a song that fits his …….vibe.  If this doesn’t not happen, then the entire super bowl might be ruined – if the players hear his voice…they might want to hang their helmets in the locker and come out on the field and either twerk or play a game of twister.



– kenneth

23.Jan – { Guest Post ::: Tina Ngbare } “Why I Can’t Stand for Richard Sherman and His Rant”



Listen, I get it. I’ve kept quiet. I’ve heard both sides. Read the blog posts and his explanation. And guess what – I still don’t care.

Do I think Sherman is a thug? No. Is he an arrogant jerk? Yes.
I get it. Athletes talk trash all the time. You could hear worse on any court or field across the country. Here’s the thing – of them are trash talking on national TV, after they’ve participating in a winning play, have won a division championship, and are going to the superbowl. I don’t care if he was full of adrenaline or not. It was un-necessary and un-called for. You know what else was un-necessary? Kanye West snatching that mic from Taylor Swift at the VMAs. He was labeled for it. And no one has forgotten about it.
Because that is the life of a minority in this culture. Not just Black people, women, Latinos, Muslim-Americans, everyone. And what I’ve learned is the only way to defy stereotypes is to not succumb to them. Does Sherman think he’s the ONLY person that’s had a colleague talk trash on him? It has happened to me countless times in my corporate America career. And every time I turn in a bad ass project or launch a kick-ass process I resist the urge to say, “TAKE THAT B*****S!”, slam my laptop on a desk, & and yell “DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT ME!” Before I take the rest of the day off and slam the door on my way out. I want to do it. Everyday I want to do it, but I don’t. Why? Because I choose to let my work speak for itself. Because it’s better to force the same people who talked trash on you to congratulate you later. And because the shit is un-necessary and stereotypical. And therefore stupid.
All Sherman had to do was keep it cute on TV for about 30 more seconds and then wait on folks to sing his praises. But instead of us talking about his game-ended play, we’re talking about his behavior. He had to power to influence the narrative in a positive way for him, but he didn’t. Not what I’d expect from a guy with a Degree in Communications from Stanford.
So no. I can’t explain or excuse Sherman’s rant away. Nor do I want to. And he can keep that sympathy-seeking blog post. However, I will acknowledge that in the world of sports trash talking is the norm. Most are just smart enough NOT to do it in a post-game interview. But it also wasn’t that terrible, so everyone just relax.


7.Jan – { A Deng Shame }


Ha! – a Deng shame! – – I’m so clever, I bet you never thought of that!

I…personally was never really completely sold on Deng and felt like he should’ve been traded years ago, when we got rid of Ben Gordon’s trigger happy self.  One can only hope that the Bulls use this opportunity to get another big name in Chicago…someone that will mesh well with Rose once he decides to be healthy again.  Let’s not really hold on to these draft picks with the mind to “rebuild” a team that’s been on the verge of being true contenders over the last 2-3 years.  Now if the Bulls really put a strong bid in for Melo – then Thibs is going to have his work cut out for him, trying to drive defensive philosophy into LaLa’s boo-thang.  You want to know where the Bullies really messed up? – Getting rid of NATE! – that was one of the dumbest things ever – and it would be nice to have his spice on the hardwood right about now.

I can only imagine what team management thinks sometimes when it comes to these trades – but I hope they have a clue with the direction of this team – especially since the Monsters of Midway just signed Cutler for a long-term deal…

Go Blackhawks.