Jan.4 – { The Telescope }



For those that have come in close contact with me over the last couple of years, and have had the opportunity to have talks about progression – you may have heard me spill about “owning a telescope” – there’s a back story to this of course…so sit back and go back to high school with me if you will….

Picture it…circa *96 – a young sophomore kenneth with the swag of a grad student graces the halls of UHS – shows up to class with tightly done corn-rows and joop cologne…I get to class, plop down into my seat and give the half-hearted attempt at education that I’ve been giving for years – teachers consistently expressed disappointment in my light attempt at school. – they often spoke of potential, something that i had yet to grasp…this particular day in class would be branded on the backside of my heart and drive me for years to come – my teacher…a biology teacher that had what I’m sure was mold growing from his elbows despised me because me and a couple of my classmates were regular bill bellamys in class.  this day he was canvassing the students about what they wanted to be when they were older which was weird because he was a bio-teacher…I’m sitting there like “dude, stick to animal kingdom and shut up”…when it got to me – i said i wanted to be a mayor…he chuckled and said “yeah…the sky’s the limit for you huh?”…the sarcasm exuded him – i quickly replied “F*&% YOU, I HAVE A TELESCOPE” – ……(message)

some people may only see the sky for you – and the sky may seem like an awesome things – but there’s a universe out there that is beyond the sky – bottom line…don’t limit the vision for yourself.  I often question people when I tell this story and ask them if they even OWN a telescope (figuratively speaking) – – I’ve seen galaxies for Kenneth…and I’ll reach them – and one day – I’ll be the mayor of a mid-sized / small city …… and its because of this intergalactic goal, I make certain decisions today –  you cannot continue to arbitrarily live.

This way of thinking sparked a quote that I made up: “Someone told me that the sky was my limit; I grabbed my telescope and walked away”