23.Jan – { Guest Post ::: Tina Ngbare } “Why I Can’t Stand for Richard Sherman and His Rant”



Listen, I get it. I’ve kept quiet. I’ve heard both sides. Read the blog posts and his explanation. And guess what – I still don’t care.

Do I think Sherman is a thug? No. Is he an arrogant jerk? Yes.
I get it. Athletes talk trash all the time. You could hear worse on any court or field across the country. Here’s the thing – of them are trash talking on national TV, after they’ve participating in a winning play, have won a division championship, and are going to the superbowl. I don’t care if he was full of adrenaline or not. It was un-necessary and un-called for. You know what else was un-necessary? Kanye West snatching that mic from Taylor Swift at the VMAs. He was labeled for it. And no one has forgotten about it.
Because that is the life of a minority in this culture. Not just Black people, women, Latinos, Muslim-Americans, everyone. And what I’ve learned is the only way to defy stereotypes is to not succumb to them. Does Sherman think he’s the ONLY person that’s had a colleague talk trash on him? It has happened to me countless times in my corporate America career. And every time I turn in a bad ass project or launch a kick-ass process I resist the urge to say, “TAKE THAT B*****S!”, slam my laptop on a desk, & and yell “DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT ME!” Before I take the rest of the day off and slam the door on my way out. I want to do it. Everyday I want to do it, but I don’t. Why? Because I choose to let my work speak for itself. Because it’s better to force the same people who talked trash on you to congratulate you later. And because the shit is un-necessary and stereotypical. And therefore stupid.
All Sherman had to do was keep it cute on TV for about 30 more seconds and then wait on folks to sing his praises. But instead of us talking about his game-ended play, we’re talking about his behavior. He had to power to influence the narrative in a positive way for him, but he didn’t. Not what I’d expect from a guy with a Degree in Communications from Stanford.
So no. I can’t explain or excuse Sherman’s rant away. Nor do I want to. And he can keep that sympathy-seeking blog post. However, I will acknowledge that in the world of sports trash talking is the norm. Most are just smart enough NOT to do it in a post-game interview. But it also wasn’t that terrible, so everyone just relax.