10.Feb – { Kevin Ducey on Coke Commercial Controversy }



First off I want to thank Kenny for letting me drop a blog post in here.

So last Sunday once we all realized that the Big Game had become the big dud I like most of you took to paying closer attention to the commercials.  Some were great, Radio  Shack 80s commercial comes to mind, others, not so great. One commercial that I thought was neat was the Coca-Cola commercial where America the Beautiful was sung in many different languages, once I took to the social media networks I realized I might be in the minority and frankly it pissed me off.

Why would that make anyone mad?

Before you blow me off (like most do when they don’t agree) I’d like to give a little background on me. I am a 35 year old White registered Republican (I’m really a Libertarian but I vote with my wallet since being a White Male in America social issues don’t really affect me) from IL but I live in OK. I served 5 years in the United States Army and consider myself a patriot in every sense of the word, but I digress…

Why didn’t that commercial didn’t make me mad? Because I understand history and namely US history. The United States is responsible for only one original idea in its entirety. Our democracy was mainly based around the French model, our originality came from the idea that anyone could come here, regardless of your last name, who your parents were or what they did, what God you praised or anything else. This was the land of opportunity, give me your tired your poor etc…  Then our country in it’s brilliance basically gathered all the great ideas from around the world and made them her own. All of our technological advances came via immigrants, our schools, universities, Presidents and even this blog are here because of immigrants. We are an immigrant nation (my apologies to Native Americans but we will save that for another time). There might be a time when we were are no longer an immigrant nation and at that point our society will collapse.

The influx of ideas and the land of opportunity has long made the US A world power politically, militarily, and most notably economically. We are losing that because of the exact attitude that surfaced after the Coca-Cola commercial. Do you realize in 1990, 90% of Asian and Indian Ph.D students in the US stayed after graduation to start businesses, work for an IT company or some other form of technological advancement. In 2005 because of laws following 9/11 we lose 85% now back to their home countries. We lose their insight, their businesses and all the while after our universities educated them. The quote from Benjamin Franklin comes to mind, “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.” We need immigrants to make our country strong. We need new ideas, we need poor, tired and hungry thinkers who view the US as an opportunity to become educated, start a business , grow our economy or even compete in the Olympics. Did you see our athletes last night? Not many Native Americans there, no I saw European Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and every other continent in the world Americans. We are all immigrants, stop saying why are these people here and start asking why am I here and how can I help?

Why would anyone be mad that people in other languages would sing our song? Isn’t that the highest form of flattery? Shouldn’t we be honored by that?

But I digress, Go Broncos… Whoops

written by Kevin Ducey