13.Mar – { Good Food Hunting }




so – recently moved to escondido…love the east grove area…although most San Diegans would say I lived really far…I really don’t.  I love the fact there are so many stores and stuff with in frisbee throwing distance – but even with great stores and a lot of business around here, I have been severely disappointed in the food places I’ve gone to.

1.  Farmer Boys Burgers:   they served us what seemed to be vomit in a bread bowl with a burnt lid – and a salad that looked like they snatched it from the bottom of a lawn mower that was cutting a yard that filled with nasty salad ingredients — FIRED!

2.   Star House:  Walked into this quaint chinese food joint and the older lady that worked there basically escorted me to the counter.  Her customer service and willingness was cool – but that doesn’t justify having enough hair in my food for me to sow a lace-front together while I’m eating… – – NO, I SHAN’T

3.  Alberto’s:   The beef inside my burrito was of a consistency unlike any meat that I had seen – but…because I’m stupid, i ate it…hunger will do that – i think it was either zombie meat or New Zealand human meat…i got food poisoning and hated life for 7 whole days – –  I WAS NOT PREPARED.

so….yeah – im kind of over these establishments out here.