16.Mar – { Album Review: Pharrell Williams – G I R L }



I bought this album the day it came out…not only because I’m an avid skateboard P fan – but because I’m an avid skateboard P fan.  I’m a fan of Pharrell…he possesses the ability to beast multiple genres  – and i LOVE it!

This album – was different from “In My Mind” – and that was expected…his debut solo album gave us a taste of Hip Hop and on this album he’s singing his heart out to the ladies.  I’ve seen some shade as it pertains to his album cover because there isn’t a black woman on there – and my response to that is….so? – shut up and photoshop one in there if it bothers you that much.

I can, and have listened to this album from beginning to end – several times.  BUT there are some songs that have become my favorite…HAPPY goes without say – I think Pharrell had a conversation with Jesus himself to find the instrumentation and words for this song because I literally get extremely happy when I hear that song.

Other songs that I love…Marilyn Monroe, Brand New (where he and JT snapped!) – Gush, Dust of Wind and It Girl….My son Josiah likes Lost Queen and sings his little heart out when he hears it – lol

Buy the album – play it at your next social event – dance to it  – sing the words…

low-key though P needs to stop wearing that hat.

– Kenneth