8.April – { rebel.city.hype EP } American Rap Krew



American Rap Krew aka ARK

Members:  Valmore Gold X Sapreem X JWelz X DJ BoomBap

The EP “rebel.city.hype” will be released over the  next month or so – this inaugural project contains the records “Rob Base” / “One” / “You Left” / “M16” and “Mayor” – the crew is also in the midst of creating the visuals for these songs – I’m quite sure that you will enjoy this project…and I might be biased, considering the fact that I AM VALMORE GOLD – lol

This EP is just to give you a little taste of the direction we’re going in as the unit “Rebel Republic” (the umbrella to all of this reign).  The next project will be the full album by yours truly entitled “Black Grenade” – produced almost entirely by “the Machinez” – headed by Jwelz.

I am excited to share this art – and I hope that you have a sincere appreciation for the craft.

– VG


7.April – { For the Bob Coys }



Mega-church pastor, Bob Coy – was the pastor of a church in Fort Lauderdale, FL, he just resigned after openly admitting to having an affair – his teachings and etc have also be removed from rotation…and are not available

This pisses me off.

These teachings and his work over the last 30 years as a pastor were not “bobcentric” – I guess the call today is to be infallible.  Only the believers that don’t need grace are fit to pastor.  Whether it’s moral failure (the case here) – or things that are not so obvious – we will fail.    Man’s depravity remains real and relevant.

Whether pride, lust, lying or judgment – the human is not fit for any work in God’s kingdom.  

This is where He comes in an equips us, while covering us.   It saddens me when I see things like this happen -not so much the action – because he’s a man…but the church’s reaction, the church’s response is what makes it difficult to even serve.

Before something like this even happened you have to bring into question Bob’s circle of accountability and if he had one in place that he could be unapologetically transparent with.  Circles like that rarely exist.

How does clergy say “bruh – i’m really having this urge to just jump the bones of this woman that i keep seeing….and I know she wants it – so it’s hard to resist”….. with whom can the gifts to the church be that real with?

For the Bob Coys out there – struggling while serving – Grace and Peace to you –

– Kenneth



6.April – { When the Felines Leave the Stores }



Hello all,

I’m writing in regards to the summer months – they are nigh, and I am in great fear that we will continue to have a problem with a dense population of cheetahs, leopards and panthers – in the form of clothing print. – Humans built like hungry hippos disguising themselves as a sleek cats will be at an epic high…and no one will be safe.  This faux-pas will continue to reign in the project streets near you and find itself in this hottest of clubs – right along side the “oh so original” dude rocking camo-pants, Jordans, a random shirt and a Bulls hat (you mark busters ain’t Bulls fans, STOP!).

I encourage all poachers to help decrease the populous by nicely asking them to change clothes when you see them  in public.

This horrendous pandemic – of people thinking they’re cool when they do this will continue until we unite as a peoples front and take a stand against merchants and consumers alike – and when the felines leave the stores…this country will be a better place.  The streets will be safer and humans will be humans again – this trend is now laid to rest…by me.

you’re welcome

– Kenneth

6.April – { Why I Won’t Let Lebron Be Great }




Yeah, Lebron decides to rock this hat after he takes an “L” – Sir…you should not be “Happy” – or making fashion statements after you did not get the last shot (because the world knows you’re not clutch) – and after you don’t get the last shot…you lose.  You have the nerve to walk in to the locker room and don this hat.  Here’s 3 reasons why you should never do this again

1.  Even as fashionably eclectic as Pharrell is – he still barely pulled this off – and he likes to push the envelope…now I know your edge-up is ever-fading…but this hat does not stop that from happening.

2.  I am seriously afraid for Lebron’s life – a bear will one day mistake him for a park ranger that harasses him – and he will get his face ripped clean smoove off – so this is more of a health concern than anything.

3.  NO!

Stick to the hoops man….

and then there’s Dwyane Union


bruh. i will not even start


5.April – { Ken’s Honest Attempt at Fathering part II } Dancing with your Kids



So…if you follow me on Facebook – you would know that I post a weekly video of me dancing with my boys to some old school song and us having a good time.  What you are witnessing is a short glimpse into what happens in our home at a larger scale.  I dance with my kids often, I run with them, I play with them – I go to their play room and play basketball on a goal that’s attached to the back of the door (even though I can hit my head on the rim) – the point I’m getting to is that as dads you need to not just be a financial provider, the disciplinarian or the “voice” in the home – you need to be the main influence.  For boys – they should aspire to be like you (well only if you’re worth a damn) and for little girls – they should know how to be treated by man because of how YOU (the dad) treat them.

So when i dance with my boys – I’m thinking back to when my dad did awesome things with us…like run up behind us…grab us by the head – push it down and fart on our necks…we loved that crap!  I want my boys to think of me…like we think of our dad now.

– and yes – i fart on my boys necks too.


– Kennethology