5.April – { Ken’s Honest Attempt at Fathering part II } Dancing with your Kids



So…if you follow me on Facebook – you would know that I post a weekly video of me dancing with my boys to some old school song and us having a good time.  What you are witnessing is a short glimpse into what happens in our home at a larger scale.  I dance with my kids often, I run with them, I play with them – I go to their play room and play basketball on a goal that’s attached to the back of the door (even though I can hit my head on the rim) – the point I’m getting to is that as dads you need to not just be a financial provider, the disciplinarian or the “voice” in the home – you need to be the main influence.  For boys – they should aspire to be like you (well only if you’re worth a damn) and for little girls – they should know how to be treated by man because of how YOU (the dad) treat them.

So when i dance with my boys – I’m thinking back to when my dad did awesome things with us…like run up behind us…grab us by the head – push it down and fart on our necks…we loved that crap!  I want my boys to think of me…like we think of our dad now.

– and yes – i fart on my boys necks too.


– Kennethology