6.April – { Why I Won’t Let Lebron Be Great }




Yeah, Lebron decides to rock this hat after he takes an “L” – Sir…you should not be “Happy” – or making fashion statements after you did not get the last shot (because the world knows you’re not clutch) – and after you don’t get the last shot…you lose.  You have the nerve to walk in to the locker room and don this hat.  Here’s 3 reasons why you should never do this again

1.  Even as fashionably eclectic as Pharrell is – he still barely pulled this off – and he likes to push the envelope…now I know your edge-up is ever-fading…but this hat does not stop that from happening.

2.  I am seriously afraid for Lebron’s life – a bear will one day mistake him for a park ranger that harasses him – and he will get his face ripped clean smoove off – so this is more of a health concern than anything.

3.  NO!

Stick to the hoops man….

and then there’s Dwyane Union


bruh. i will not even start