6.April – { When the Felines Leave the Stores }



Hello all,

I’m writing in regards to the summer months – they are nigh, and I am in great fear that we will continue to have a problem with a dense population of cheetahs, leopards and panthers – in the form of clothing print. – Humans built like hungry hippos disguising themselves as a sleek cats will be at an epic high…and no one will be safe.  This faux-pas will continue to reign in the project streets near you and find itself in this hottest of clubs – right along side the “oh so original” dude rocking camo-pants, Jordans, a random shirt and a Bulls hat (you mark busters ain’t Bulls fans, STOP!).

I encourage all poachers to help decrease the populous by nicely asking them to change clothes when you see them  in public.

This horrendous pandemic – of people thinking they’re cool when they do this will continue until we unite as a peoples front and take a stand against merchants and consumers alike – and when the felines leave the stores…this country will be a better place.  The streets will be safer and humans will be humans again – this trend is now laid to rest…by me.

you’re welcome

– Kenneth

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