7.April – { For the Bob Coys }



Mega-church pastor, Bob Coy – was the pastor of a church in Fort Lauderdale, FL, he just resigned after openly admitting to having an affair – his teachings and etc have also be removed from rotation…and are not available

This pisses me off.

These teachings and his work over the last 30 years as a pastor were not “bobcentric” – I guess the call today is to be infallible.  Only the believers that don’t need grace are fit to pastor.  Whether it’s moral failure (the case here) – or things that are not so obvious – we will fail.    Man’s depravity remains real and relevant.

Whether pride, lust, lying or judgment – the human is not fit for any work in God’s kingdom.  

This is where He comes in an equips us, while covering us.   It saddens me when I see things like this happen -not so much the action – because he’s a man…but the church’s reaction, the church’s response is what makes it difficult to even serve.

Before something like this even happened you have to bring into question Bob’s circle of accountability and if he had one in place that he could be unapologetically transparent with.  Circles like that rarely exist.

How does clergy say “bruh – i’m really having this urge to just jump the bones of this woman that i keep seeing….and I know she wants it – so it’s hard to resist”….. with whom can the gifts to the church be that real with?

For the Bob Coys out there – struggling while serving – Grace and Peace to you –

– Kenneth



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  1. That was awesome, honey! I applaud you! Perfectly stated. May the world see the bride of Christ this way and not the way it has seen us for years; may we react in grace when our brothers and sisters are taken in sin, so they may be restored and the world can see our Gravious Saviour and glorify Him.”

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