8.April – { rebel.city.hype EP } American Rap Krew



American Rap Krew aka ARK

Members:  Valmore Gold X Sapreem X JWelz X DJ BoomBap

The EP “rebel.city.hype” will be released over the  next month or so – this inaugural project contains the records “Rob Base” / “One” / “You Left” / “M16” and “Mayor” – the crew is also in the midst of creating the visuals for these songs – I’m quite sure that you will enjoy this project…and I might be biased, considering the fact that I AM VALMORE GOLD – lol

This EP is just to give you a little taste of the direction we’re going in as the unit “Rebel Republic” (the umbrella to all of this reign).  The next project will be the full album by yours truly entitled “Black Grenade” – produced almost entirely by “the Machinez” – headed by Jwelz.

I am excited to share this art – and I hope that you have a sincere appreciation for the craft.

– VG