5.May { Back to the Future }



NO I am not Marty Mcfly – although I do have dreams of owning a flux capacitor and using a hover board – but I am Marty as it pertains to personal growth and healing.   I’ve used professionals recently…professionals to talk about life that offered tangible ways to deal with traumatic happenings in my life.   One of the main approaches to some of my childhood issues was to revisit the event and deal with it differently…which would in turn, enable me to deal with current situations differently than I do now – which is to disassociate myself …quickly.  And in doing that I would “rest in my numbness”.   This is not good for anyone in my life because that would mean that based on my subjectivity you could be cut-off in a moments notice and not even know it…and guess what – I WOULDN’T KNOW IT EITHER!  This defense has helped me survive my battles with relationships gone wrong….but I’m in a much healthier environment with awesome people in my corner and can’t continue to do what I have always done….so the professionals have helped me deal.

I can honestly say…I’ve made growth.  I ask you today…how much of your upbringing is lived out in todays relationships? If you notice some unhealthy practices do something about it…but you have to have the humility to recognize these flaws, and be aware enough to notice self.

So…i guess I do have a flux capacitor – and i shall use if often.

– Kenneth

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