14.May { Comparison Comshmarison }



You know what really grinds my gears? – COMPARISON.

Comparing; estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

I guess I should narrow this down – human comparison – whether it be physical or based on behavior…human comparison is one of the most unfair, unrealistic things to exist.  Physically speaking, no one can help how they look, or should I say how they look based on genes and not the knife.  To compare yourself to someone and look at yourself as lesser is so unhealthy.  Now it’s another thing to see someone that’s in peak physical condition and use them for motivation to get where you desire – but how you look is how you look and you need to be comfy with self.  Love yourself…and I know that this is the month of May, but I’m not talking about ‘that’.

Now the behavior side is a completely different beast!   The actions of people are based on their personality which is part nurture and part nature.  To think that the socialized views they hold took however many years they have existed to see the world like they do, and cause them to make the decisions they make is astonishing.  It’s even more amazing to think that two people can grow up in the same household and hold completely different views on something, or behave two completely different ways – even though they might have been raised with the same moral standards and views.  With all of that being said – WHY….WHY, WHY WHY would you look at how someone does something – and then begin to compare that to your reality.  Be you – accept you.   Stay true to your convictions without reservation or apology.  The world has enough puppets and sheep.

People can either choose to deal with you – or they can …..not.

Either way – I’m cool….and you know what? You should be too

– Kennethology

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  1. Well said Dr. Bradley. And ummm btw, I wouldn’t have picked that shirt for this blog. Lol….you know I couldn’t resist….comparing. #comparisonisdeadly

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