15.May { Identity }



It’s a common thing in the black community when discussing ethnicity – to associate and identify with everything other than afrikan…

“I’m mixed with this…I’m part that” – really? – and god forbid the person  is ‘lightskinneded’ – these folks will rarely embrace how everyone else sees them (and no, it’s not that we all see them as extended DeBarge members)

How’s about researching to find out what flows through those veins.  Most of us can only name the continent…Afrika, but seem to forget that there are 53 countries/island nations over there.   I think one of the most interesting points here is that this rarely crosses black american’s minds.  Our whole identity is traced back to whatever state our ancestors were slaves – and that’s a doggone shame.

Our lack of identity is a key factor in our current state.  I encourage you to learn more about self.

– Kenneth

**and if you’re wondering – i’ve been on this search for awhile now – this wasn’t a hypocritical rant…