6.May { HipHop by Valmore Gold }

6.May { The Friend Draft 2014 }



Hey – Hey – Hey (in my obese albert voice)…

It’s that time to look at your team and take a hard look at making your championship run….who gets traded?…who gets cut?…who gets drafted?…decisions, decisions, decisions…

Do you have people in your circle that has under-performed this year?…maybe it was a bad year – hopefully it’ll pick up for them – but if they are a cancer to the team…then you might not want to re-sign them.   Do you have a squad full of losers? – you have anyone with with playoff experience?  DOES ANYONE HAVE A FREAKIN’ RING?

Well, if you’re team didn’t make the playoffs then you should be looking forward to this year’s FRIEND DRAFT! (brought to you by baby daddy’s ‘r’ us )  – scan the population of random people and scope you out a homeboy or homegirl that will help make you a better person – drop the dead weight…if you’ve noticed that some people are only there to suck the life force out of you then DON’T FRET…real people are out there that actually care about your well-being, and want to see you do awesome things in life.  You’re just being an idiot and making the decision to be loyal to people that aren’t’ loyal to you. – ever.

If you’re around me long enough you’ll hear me say a couple of things that I actually live by.

1.   I expect nothing from anyone:  this eliminates being let down and offers a lot of room for actual appreciation when someone is there – is it a but cynical and dark to think like that? – well yeah it is…but it’s the world we live in – and people make us this way 🙂

2.  Let people define to us who they are:  sit back and watch how people are with you – how they treat you and et cetera…you may view them as an awesome friend, and they may view you as an acquaintance, which is a sure recipe for supreme let down.  I often sent back and watch people patterns in their actions…and think to myself – “OK, I see you playa” – and then i bench them or drop them accordingly and keep on going.

Those are two scouting tips that should assist you in your up-and- coming friend draft!

– Kenneth


5.May { Back to the Future }



NO I am not Marty Mcfly – although I do have dreams of owning a flux capacitor and using a hover board – but I am Marty as it pertains to personal growth and healing.   I’ve used professionals recently…professionals to talk about life that offered tangible ways to deal with traumatic happenings in my life.   One of the main approaches to some of my childhood issues was to revisit the event and deal with it differently…which would in turn, enable me to deal with current situations differently than I do now – which is to disassociate myself …quickly.  And in doing that I would “rest in my numbness”.   This is not good for anyone in my life because that would mean that based on my subjectivity you could be cut-off in a moments notice and not even know it…and guess what – I WOULDN’T KNOW IT EITHER!  This defense has helped me survive my battles with relationships gone wrong….but I’m in a much healthier environment with awesome people in my corner and can’t continue to do what I have always done….so the professionals have helped me deal.

I can honestly say…I’ve made growth.  I ask you today…how much of your upbringing is lived out in todays relationships? If you notice some unhealthy practices do something about it…but you have to have the humility to recognize these flaws, and be aware enough to notice self.

So…i guess I do have a flux capacitor – and i shall use if often.

– Kenneth