9.Jul – { Back in the land of blog }


It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have you – without a dope blog to bless you…AYE!

Hello all – it has been a long time – due to some major transitions in my life, namely, my promotion and relocation to Washington state.   I have been chomping at the bits to sit down with my laptop and deliver my discourse on everything happening in the world – movies are coming out…albums are dropping, BET is still coonery, World Cup, NBA Finals, Dwaynenene (however you spell it) suckiness, fashion movements – me stumbling upon more recipes and the myriad life lessons that have been captured – all of these things and I haven’t dropped a single word.  Only those that are close enough to actually have conversations with me have suffered through my cynical sarcastic monologues that have been topped with wasabi.

All of this being said – I’ll just need to find a way to blog from sea…and kennethology will be back on its same time, on the same channel – thanks to all that read…please continuer to be patient

– Ken