25.July { Washington }


so….I’m out here in the pacific north west – a place where people have pumped up the scenic horizons and great outdoors!  A place where that can be quickly outweighed by it raining 700 days out of the year, and the severe lack of melanin induced folk.  For those that don’t know…that can be very unsettling for a person that’s as outspoken concerning race as “i’m is”.

BUT….BUT…I’m willing to be really optimistic about this relocation.  I look forward to walking the streets of Seattle, rocking a pair of Kamikazes looking for Kemp and Ricky Pierce for a game of 21.  I also really look forward to driving about four hours south to Portlandia – looking for Fred Armisan so he can put some birds on some things.

My routine will be key out here – building on what my personal trainer (Kevin) started – I’ll be keeping this statuesque (someone called me that) body of mine on the path of looking amazing.  Healthy eating, hard workouts – and lots of looking at myself in the mirror every five minutes to see if there’s been any drastic changes.

Now…one thing I am looking forward to is EATING some good food – I am a self-proclaimed “foodie” so watch out for the instagram and tumblr pictures of my plates of food with obnoxious hashtags about how awesome I am because I’m eating.  Word on the sidewalk is that Seattle is known for its seafood…well we’ll sea about that.

I’m clever because I used “sea” instead of “see” – did you si that?

– Kenneth

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  1. I like that! Clever. I’m looking forward to hearing about, seeing pictures, and experiencing some if your favorite parts of Washington with you.

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