26.July { Bougie Ratchet Manifesto } part 1: the conflict


this will be a series of posts…sorta like my “ken’s honest attempt at fathering”

I want to venture into my inner-conflict of thug-like, male-ratchet bravado versus progressive black bougie wine snob.

this conflict really surfaces in the workplace – where i have to be professional, but am constantly faced with situations for my inner 2Pac to rise up and put hands on people.  I really don’t know why people test others…everyone has a past – lol.

the conflict is real when there’s an event at work and fried chicken is served and the progressive black within me scoffs at the idea of eating fried chicken around others, in fear of reinforcing what i “think” they think of me anyway….instead – I’ll just sip some water and get the salad that has cranberries in it – while judging the other blacks that decide to smash the chicken anyway – I secretly envy their liberty.

the conflict finds me when I’m giving someone an earful on systematic oppression and the means to progress as a culture…and then someone plays 2 Chains in the background, and all of a sudden my mouth waters for a 5th of Henny, and craps sounds like the best idea for an afternoon activity.

No matter where I find myself – the scent of Bradley and McKinley Housing projects will be there.  It will rest in my core.   And at the same dang time, I work hard to maintain my half-a-mil dollar home in the burbs, fill my wine cabinets, and look for a chance to have day parties (without the VIP @tina)

– Kenneth