26.July – { Burn Out } by Gabriel Owens


I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, an Imessage chat with 7 other folks going, IRC, plus a dozen others probably (hell, I think my MySpace is still around, and every time I’m on Google or Gmail it reminds me I have a Google + account).

And folks, I’m a little burnt out.

I think interests can come and go in phases. I was all about the SM stuff, dutifully checking my big three at least (the booking, the twittering, the tumbling), then slowly, I was checking them less and less. Lately Facebook gets a cursory glance usually in the morning or while I’m taking my constitutional, Tumblr ever so often at night if I can’t find anything good on YouTube to watch, and twitter barely ever (except maybe live tweeting UFC).

Maybe it’s just too time consuming. I go home and it’s all about my kid until bedtime. After that I catch up on my shows, or play a video game. My phone is where I do most of anything with SM anymore, hell, work blocks Tumblr and FB can barely run on the antiquated version of IE we are forced to use. And, you know, I have to work.

And I think…I’m just bored. It’s the same old stuff. People reposting and regurgitating tired memes, bad political crap, news I’ve already seen elsewhere.   Sometimes an interesting comment conversation on FB will draw me in, and I still get a laugh from some of the clever people on the Tumbls.

But for the most part, I just don’t got the time or interest right now. Maybe my interests will pick up again. But for now, it feels like I’m a different person than just at the beginning of the year.

I’ll still be around. I’m not going to turn into one of those “too cool for school” anti SM guys, that’s just obnoxious. But for now, I’ll be skimming.

–  Gabe out