29.July { Christian Monarchs }


3……2……1…..and release.

Please note that these views will probably upset you – especially if the shoe fits.  All I can recommend is that either you stop reading and go get some business – OR – make sure you have a bangin outfit to match said shoes.

One thing that keeps me away from a lot of church folk is the royal and majestic treatment of clergy, who in my biblical opinion should be resting in humility and servitude.  Instead I’ve been around preachers that have secret service and indentured servants that elevate these people above the actual Christ.  Think about how advanced some of these circles would be if they actually served the Lord the way they serve some of the people.  I’m sorry – but i seem to recall Christ himself saying not to even call him ‘teacher’ – but mess around and not call someone Bishop or Pastor…or don’t give them their rightful honor….and you might be deemed someone being used by the enemy.  My bad – pardon me for not paying homage to your Pharisee that you have presiding over your cult.

Do you honestly think these people have a spiritual authority over you that supercedes that which the helper has?  The ekklesia is indeed handicapped in some communities because the people are not empowered or discipled correctly.  More often than not – they are swaddled and conditioned to rely on the teet of the person that is called to be the only teacher, speaker in the house.  And because of that the ministry takes on the characteristics of the personality of the “head” of the that church and not the true head and cornerstone; Christ.

I remember when i was very active in teaching, and at the time serving in a pastoral role – just because i came in dressed NOT like the others – then church staffs would kind of treat you with a little attitude.   This was perfectly fine by me – I preferred it that way…then as soon as someone called me “Pastor Ken” then they wanted to roll out the proverbial red carpet for a brotha….I’m cool on that…I’m just a regular dude that has been graced to teach.  Keep the carpet for the Sanhedrin.

This is a plea to those that are charged to do the work.  STOP.   Get off of your throne that sits in the center of your pulpit…and serve the people.

– Kenneth