30.July { Complexity of Manhood


There lies a balance that men are expected to hold. The balance of being a Navy SEAL combined with the tenderness of Ralph Tresvant…well Ralph might be a little too “wet bread” for some of the ladies liking, but maybe in the range of a Maxwell. The “good” men are able to identify with these areas within self and allow them to surface when needed. The thugs can’t seem to find that tender love switch, and the weak men (as some women may deem it necessary to refer to a man as such) find it difficult to find their DMX mask.

As much as men are expected to allow the woman in their lives to liberated in being themselves and embracing their beauty – I feel that this liberty should be reciprocated. No one should be subjected to these gender roles in a relationship. Just understand your partner and flow.

If anyone knows me well, then you’ll know that I’m not the guy that’s going to pick up a tool and start putting things together. If something is broke – I call someone. That’s why I get paid right?

On the surface someone would judge me, and ask me what type of man I was. In response to that dumb question I would reply with “a damn good one”. I’m also a man that had some issues growing, up that directly impacted my want or interest in being handy. It’s a more deep-rooted issue than just “manning-up” and doing what men are supposed to do.

I’m always concerned with my bravado, as well and my sensitivity. The complexity lies in when to shift, and who to shift for.

– Kenneth

2 thoughts on “30.July { Complexity of Manhood

  1. You are absolutely right Ken. The word “change” comes to mind when you spoke of issues growing up and situations that once formed your interests and prospective. In today’s world it’s easier to sync computers, Androids, and iPhones, but to sync a relationship is unheard of. We all want to be different but our partners to be the same, using words like soul mate, and we have a lot things in common, knowing that our differences should bring us together as one ie. Marriage. The synchronization of two people good or bad. I’m not that guy either who will pick up a tool. If I’m sick I go to the doctor, if my car breaks down I see a mechanic, if my relationship is hurting I seek counseling. People will always say “a real man does this, a real man does that” but just like being a man of God to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you have to accept Jesus Christ, but that’s not all you just have to do.

  2. This is seen everyday for men and women. I like how you are okay with who you are and that is what we all need to do. Love ourselves, embrace who we are, were and who we are striving to be, In this we will attract a mate that is on the same page, not the same as us, but on the same page in evolving and being who we are. This makes life so much easier and we begin to really live. We really will experience more happiness and love once we do this.

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