30.July { EMO THO }


I hid my deepest feelings so well I forgot where I placed them.

– Amy Tan, Saving Fish from Drowning

This is a thing.

This is a very dangerous thing actually.  Hiding things so deep, that it’s hard to find them and deal with them.  Then they fall down into the foundation of your very being and begin to affect all things that flow from you.

Doing this – would explain why sometimes you’re just melancholy, and down for seemingly no reason.  There’s a reason – you just can’t find it – and you can’t find it because you hid it.  We hide these things because we don’t trust people with them anymore.  We don’t trust people anymore because people trivialize our struggle. And in doing that, in order to survive we suppress the struggle for the sake of survival…and it ends up being our emotional demise anyway.

Can I trust you with my struggle?

Who can you trust with yours?

– Kenneth