14.Aug – { This Week Sucks } by Tina Nagbare


I can’t say that I hate the police. It’s hard for me to utter those words because I have many friends who are in law enforcement. Many friends who walk out of their homes everyday with the best intent to protect and serve. Many friends who are also girlfriends & boyfriends, wives & husbands, friends, and parents who put their lives on the line every day in communities that hate them. One of my closest friends is the mother of a 1yr old whom she leaves every day to watch over and protect the streets of Chicago. She’s been injured twice. She’s tried to convince teenagers – as she was arresting them – to join mentoring programs … she even gave one of them her personal phone number if they ever wanted to talk. She’s now being required to work overtime (more time away from her child) to address the “increasing” violence in Chicago. Knowing this, I can’t say “I hate the police” no more than I would appreciate someone saying “all Blacks are on welfare” because that lumps them into a homogeneous group – and that is unfair and it is not the reality.

But what I CAN say is…  F*** Those Who Abuse Their Authority.

You see that feels more appropriate because it allows me to cast a much wider net. For example:

And so the list goes on…. but you get the point.

I just wish I could live in blissful ignorance. I became so exhausted with the world this week that I don’t even know what to do anymore. I didn’t have any side eyes to give, I just closed them. There is just way too much going on right now and this week I just tried to opt-out of knowing, because I don’t know how to process these issues anymore at all …. I am just exhausted. And being informed has become a burden. Where is the On/Off switch for the internet? I don’t want to know anything anymore.

In general what I’m saying is “this week sucked”. It was terrible. Even the places that I usually turn to for humor had nothing to give me. Everyone is over it. But hey, it’s Thursday. So press through folks – the week is almost over.

Also, this happened. RIP Robin L