18.August – { Recipe: BOMB.COM BIRD }


have you ever been in a rush – and you needed to cook something quick?…well if you’re busy like the kenmeister general is on most days…then recipes like this come in handy.  I like to call this the “BOMB.COM BIRD” – NO, the chicken does not contain any ingredients that you would find in a bomb….but you will explode in pure, unfiltered emotions on how awesome the chicken tastes.

1.  Preheat the oven to 350.

2.  Take some chicken (who cares how much? I know i don’t)

3.  Season it with whatever season you like…just don’t over do it – but make sure you use some garlic powder…I would normally use freshly pressed garlic – but right now we don’t have time to be fancy. – so shut up and follow the instructions.

4.  GET SOME ITALIAN DRESSING! – pour as much as you want over the chicken…the more the better! (any left over salad dressing you may have – I highly advise that you use it for a salad…please don’t drink it.)

5.  Put it in the oven – get it out in an hour.

6.  Eat it with other stuff.

**please note – you can use a balsamic vinaigrette  as well**

…you’re welcome.

– Kenneth