25.Aug – { When to Stop Traffic }




On Sunday I decided I wanted to go and get some seafood in the great city of Seattle.  I asked around, and googled what might be the best place for that, and it was almost unanimous between people and the interwebs that Elliot’s Oyster House was the knees on the bees.

I drove downtown and parked a good country mile from the restaurant (which gave me an immediate attitude)…because it was hot and i didn’t want to sweat in my clothes…i prefer to stay fresh at all times.  While walking and talking to my homegirl…we joked about me waiving a cab down.  This was a joke to us because if you’ve ever tried to wave a cab down as a black man, then you know they’ll drive right by you without a single care in the world, as if it’s protocol to do so.  As we’re making jokes about it, a cab appears in my line of sight…i contemplate on whether or not I’m actually going to attempt to hail this cab or not…because if i do, and he passes me, not only will i be pissed but also embarrassed because OBVIOUSLY everyone is watching me be rejected be a cab driver, who’s sole job is to pick people up and drive them places.

I decide to give it a shot…because this time I might actually get a cab.  I stood on the corner and waived my arms (which comes to a 7’6″ wingspan – so i know he saw me) frantically, he drove right by me and was signaling with his hands that he was not going to stop for me. I was shocked…even though I expected that outcome…I was still shocked.  I immediately calmed myself because maybe he was on a call to go and pick-up someone else.

As i waited for the red hand to turn into a white man…letting me know it was ok to cross the street, I saw the cab coming from the opposite direction, I’m like….OH SNAP! – he was turning around to pick me up from the other side of the street, and here I am being all racial and stuff – I smiled as i picked it up to a light jog…the car passed me up by about 20 feet, stopped in front of this random white guy just standing by the curb (mind you…not waiving his arms at all) and asked him “hey, you need a ride?” – the random white guy says “no” and the cab takes off as I am about 10 feet from his rear bumper.


I felt like an idiot….it was actually extremely comical to me.  I walked down the street, a little embarrassed at what had just happened and then THIS HAPPENED! – a truck stopped in the middle of the street and the person in the truck said “hey! you look nice…and i like your ink!” I gave the classic KB smile and said “thank you!”

This person stopped traffic to compliment me.  This person stopped to offer a compliment to a stranger when I couldn’t get a cab that’s paid to stop….paid….to stop.  Balance was restored in my universe.  I continued to slowly walk to Elliot’s.

The food there was amazing – it was everything it was cracked up to be.  On my way back I just decided to walk – I have about the same amount of faith in cabs as I do in cops to protect and serve me.

I’m good B.

– Kenneth