4.Sep – { 5 Lessons Learned from the Unauthorized “Saved By The Bell” Lifetime Movie } by Tina Nabgare


I don’t know why I watched it, but I did and now you don’t have to.
You Are Welcome.
1. After the Casting Department, the Hair/Wig Department needs to be fired ASAP for insubordination. I refuse to believe anyone approved Zac Morris’ wig. #rude #disrespectful
2. Lark Voorhies and Mark-Paul Gosselaar had a secret relationship basically from Day 1?!?!? #SayWhaaaaaat
3. This movie could also have been titled…. “Dustin Diamond’s Lifelong Attempt to Be One of the Cool Kids… and Failing” #JustSad
4. Shoutout to the show’s executive producer for low-key standing for racial #diversity. Lisa Turtle was supposed to be Jewish-American (read: white) and AC Slater was supposed to be Italian-American (read: white), but Lark Voorhies & Mario Lopez NAILED their respective  auditions and he pushed for them to be cast. Diversity on that show was one of the reasons I loved it.
5. The girls were the ones that plotted for the show to tackle more “real” issues that teenagers were dealing with hence the infamous Jessie “I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!” episode #WhoRunTheWorld …. ironically was the beginning of Dustin’s decline into addiction.
The 6th and possibly the most important lesson is: DON’T WATCH LIFETIME BIO PICS. They fail every time.  Spare yourself.