14.Sep { Ken’s Honest Attempt at Fathering }


so…months have gone by and – besides probing into their day when i talk to them on the phone – or having discipline sessions with josh as he jumps on my furniture…this distance is extremely difficult.  Missing the chance to see their face when something awesome happens – or having deep conversation with him regarding issues that come up…and i have to steal that moment and really maximize the feel in order to get across a life-lesson…these are the things that make the pit of my stomach hard, and keep my up at night.  A constant reminder to self that these sacrifices now will be better for them in the future…knowing that I can regain some ground later, and as long as they aren’t resenting decisions that have been made.  This will ultimately be ok.  I just miss the “rockheads” –

they are two of the most awesome people i know. – and i know i sound like any proud dad out there…but i have the 2 best.