22.Sep { 9 Woes of the Cynically Sarcastic }


the pure ability to slice someone in conversation without them knowing is refreshing…..to speak a language only heard by those that are fluent in said language, even when you’re all speaking the same language is exhilarating.  Those that aren’t fluent, either fall victim, or take too serious the giver of these words and become offended.

Although it is extremely funny sometimes to be me…because I’m fundamentally sarcastic – I have experienced some “issues” with my inter-personal relationships because of my sarcasm…and me being somewhat of a “psuedo-cynic”….

even though I call these issues, some of them are actually quite enjoyable!

Here are a few.

  1. People thinking you’re mean – when you think you’re being honest.
  2. People taking you serious, when clearly you’re joking.
  3. People taking you as a joke, when clearly you’re serious.
  4. Not being able to connect with 96% of humans.
  5. Thinking everyone is stupid unless they agree with you.
  6. Being upset because everyone agrees with you.
  7. Feeling “some type of way” because you’re sitting alone while you eat.
  8. Getting annoyed when people want to join you….while you’re trying to eat.
  9. Being sarcastic and cynical, but becoming offended when someone is that way towards you….because let’s be real – it’s just uncalled for.

– Kenneth.

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