29.Sep – { Down with DNA }


So….. I don’t know if you remember my post “My Lowkey Obsession with My Roots” …probably not, because most of you don’t read my blog posts.

But I was writing about how I personally needed to know what country my people are from in Afrika.  My really good friend/sister S. Snow recommended I try the site www.23andme.com – AMAZING SITE!

I bought the DNA kit, it only costs $99.  A small box came in mail – I had to fill the tube with spit (keep the dirty jokes to yourself) and sealed the bio-hazard bag that came with it…and sent it back. – It took about 3 weeks for the lab to publish my account to my online 23andme account.

The email came in that my results were ready – and I logged in and got my results!!!

My Paternal strand gave me a 14% irish background –

Maternal Strand 86% – MOZAMBIQUE, that came over here from Sierra Leone during the middle passage.

So, people’s speculation of eastern afrika was on point – even though they thought Eritrea, Ethiopia or Somalia…it was a little more south …MOZAMBIQUE!

So, now the education of all things Mozambique…Bantu language…the soccer team (which Tina ragged me on not being top-tier) …the foods…and one day – a visit.  Proud to be able to tell my kids about their heritage…my people are NOT from Mississippi…they are from Afrika, they are from Mozambique….and also Ireland (great grand-father)



– Kenneth