5.Oct { Gone Girl }



This movie was brilliant – I’m pretty sure the “book is better than the movie” as most literature enthusiasts would exclaim.  Well since I have a passion for actually visiting the silver screen, I had chose to watch it instead, and bruh…..

The following are some thoughts on the film:

  • Ben Affleck:  Good job man! – He really sold the sharp, yet unreadable character that was portrayed…he really followed through on this film.  Which was surprising, because since Gigli – i lost all hope in Benny.
  • Rosamund Pike:  Beautiful and brilliant.  Her voice, narrating…was soothing and sincere.  She really sold every aspect of “Amy”.  And when I say EVERY aspect – I mean all points.  You’ll have to see the movie to know what I mean by that.
  • Tyler Perry:  Most people would call me as a Tyler-hater…because I am. Period.  No hiding that…and I have to admit, when i saw his face – utter disappointment and contentment rose in my soul…but this man delivered.  He played a very charming lawyer and he was 777! – ALL MONEY!
  • The Story:  The writer pulled the viewers one way…yanked us the other way…put us in a place of suspense…shocked us..and then left us (or at least me) with an unsettle d feeling in the pit of my stomach as the credits rolled.  I would love to see this movie again.

If I had a rating system, I would give this movie all of whatever I had to give.

Bottom line up front:  go see it.



– kenneth