11.Oct { Mick Jenkins ::: Chicago’s New }



One of my lil homies from work put me on to Mick’s song “Martyrs” …and I listened to that song like 22 times in a row.  The video was pretty provocative…his words had some gravity, and he was putting on for his city – but talking about the ills of the “go”.

Mick Jenkins – “Martyrs”

I downloaded his project “Water(s)” – he features some pretty good singers…Joey Bada$$ makes an appearance on a record as well.

Another good song on his album was “Dehydration”….the soundscape for his album has a very dark tone…very contemplative.  This kid is definitely not about popcorn rap.  Recently he did a record with Super BWE in regards to the current police state called “Treat Me”…which in my mind has a modern day Chuck D & PE feel to it – just sans the the boombap.

Give this man a listen. – I thought enough about him to write about him – so that should tell you something.

– Kenneth