18.Nov – Because Slavery… (A sarcastic, yet authentic response to “Nevermind the Coloreds”


A few months ago I had 2 revelations. (1) The biggest coup people of privilege (read: white people – mainly men) have pulled off in recent decades is making oppressed people feel guilty for calling out their oppression. (2) I shall share later.

What do I mean? Have you ever been accused of ‘playing the race card’? Or being ‘too sensitive/emotional’?Or Had your comments brushed off making you feel foolish or guilty for even bringing it up?‎ — Well that’s what I mean.
The problem is along with this revelation I’ve also realized that my tolerance for someone else’s foolishness, ignorance, or particular brand of “-ism” (racism, sexism, classism, or other privilege) is at an all time low. It’s actually deficient and is currently below 0. And I’m fine with that.
So go ahead and accuse me of “playing cards”, because I ‎keep a deck in my back pocket. Tell me I’m being emotional and you shall experience all of them in real time.
And it never fails. Some fool will hit me with a “but compared to before, we’ve progressed as a society” line (women in the workplace, post-racial America, and so on..)‎. And to you I say, yes. We have progressed. It’s no longer socially acceptable to lynch Blacks, but it’s still perfectly ok to shoot us dead in the street for no reason with no consequences. Women ARE now in the workplace, but we also make .75cents on the dollar compared to men (well the white women do.. that number drops to .68‎cents for Black women & lower for Latinas) for doing the same exact work. So your barometer is STILL WRONG.
I’m now seriously considering walking ‎around with a deck of playing cards so I can throw them at people. I’m even creating a rating system.
  • If you update your opinion based on our conversation, I’ll toss you an Ace, or King, or Queen.
  • If I dislike your opinion, question, whatever – you’ll get a 2-10 based on the quality of your argument…..Who am I kidding… I’m going to throw the Joker at you. Because that’s what you are.
The moral of the story is: If you accuse me of “playing cards” get ready for me to pull out a deck. Because I won’t feel guilty for naming/calling out oppression when I see it. Joker.