18.Nov { Nevermind the Coloreds }



it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to blog – and that bothers me, because I always have so many things to say…but we’ll just go off of what’s on my mind now.  A story comes to mind…a true story, a story of something that was skrate ignant….

a friend and I were sitting at a table for lunch – with some associates…my friend is mexican…and I’m black ( mozambique blood to be exact ) – our associates were white.  Someone came to the table that knew all of us…ALL OF US.  She had someone with her that none of us knew.  So…etiquette would have us assume that we’re all about to be introduced to the woman that had come to our table with the colleague that brought her.  Please note….they were also white.  Now what happens next really destroyed my gears…she came to the table and introduced her to all of the white people at the table, and never once looked our way…we were not introduced, spoken to…or looked at.  I had the traditional “what the hell is going” face – and my buddy (the mexican) says out loud “Never mind us…we’re just the coloreds”  My eyes widened…mouth dropped, and I laughed really hard.  All of the “accepted” people looked our way because they had no clue as to what had just happened.  – and that….to me is the saddest part of the story.  That after the two women walked away we had to explain to them what had just happened – and of course….we were considered Las Vegas Experts….you know…those that play race cards.

I’m tired of things happening and I have to just live with it…and when I speak on it…im being too sensitive or race-baiting.  No – people are jerks.

– Kenneth.