22.Nov – { Aye Bey-Bey }


soo……..I don’t want what happened to Sydney and Tina, to happen to me.

They’ve been attacked by the Bey-hive.

Bey is fine….I mean…like….she’s really…..fine.

But that does not excuse her…at all, from what I just saw.  She valmorphorized into a hybrid of Future, Lil Jon, a kid at Christmas, a random ratchet at a house party and Nicki all in 3 minutes and 27 seconds.  Looked like she had fun tho…I love the calculated candidness **sips Reisling and Kool-Aid** – but the first time I see stans “spinning and clapping” or talking to the bottom of their foot, I’m slapping the first old lady I see.

To quote one of the beloved contributors to kennethology.com; Sydney Charles “That’s not art…that’s mindless, robotic, brain washed following” – she nailed it.  For someone that delivers songs like “Love on Top” to be bouncin’ in the kitchen with red cups…is nonsensical.  But we watch, we emulate and then pay her.  It’s business.

Ironically as I type this, Flocka is playing in the background….and it hit me….Beyonce Flocka Flame one hood *** *****

She still fine though.  *goes to watch again…

– Kenneth