17 Jan. – {The Lauded Life…}

hippie anarchist

Okay people. Fresh out the gate, I have to ask: what is your angle? We, the lovers of The Social Media Conglomerate, are starting to wonder… Why are you F#$&ing here? I love getting “likes”; I mean, who doesn’t? With that said, I am a bit of a worry-wart in that I see so many going nowhere fast and while I try not to judge, I get furious at all the naked, oozing, twerking, love-me-because-I-am incapable photos and vague posts on the net.

Select your poison, be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Soundcloud, and the list continues, but tell me again: What is your angle? I am on these sites to explore, to share with my family and friends and, yes, to sometimes give the public the idea that there is something going on in my world worth a “like.” But I also like things from others – I am a firm believer in supporting one another in the “Village” sense. So I am here online for community, which I have found, and I am happy – but why aren’t you?

WHAT IS YOUR ANGLE? You are half-naked soliciting likes, to then only call all the people from whom you garnered attention thirsty… You post your political rant with no prior knowledge or fact-check only to get angry when people trounce your ignorance… You ask for advice about your child only to get angry when people start with “stay your ass a home” or “quit letting grandma raise them.” For you to tell us that we don’t know you, your struggle and/or to mind our business!?!

Welp, “friends”, you are the part of the Lauded Life for which I don’t care. You want likes without realism, fame without achievement. And you draw attention away from things that deserved to be mentioned.

Let me help you. Read about and share thoughts on: Boko Haram, the current (and YES, we’ve established, BLACK) President’s positive US reforms, #BlackLivesMatter, and any other awesome human or inhumane act on or off American soil that doesn’t get the appropriate coverage because you are clogging the waves with your Butt-cheek isolation videos!

One: You heifers are talented. Two: You boys are exhibiting signs of dehydration. Three: Take time to learn before you cast a stone toward the opposition; there is much to learn before you choose a side. And lastly, Four: I think we should all focus a little more on using Social Media to be worth knowing and not solely to be well-known.