6 Apr.– { Silhouettes & Souls }

I. Introspective Spillage.
In times like this when I’m out on the great Pacific, I think about how many other mariners have stared into the abysmal oceanscape and gotten lost in their thoughts. A thin border exists in most of us dividing the Soul from the Silhouette; the Silhouette being the cast outline that appears when the light comes, and the Soul being the truest essence of one’s being.
There are probably two people that have seen my Soul… They saw my Soul and did not flinch at the brutal presence that was unveiled, nor did they cover their nose at the stench that surfaced in my soulish nakedness. These are also people that I didn’t have to tell that my Soul was showing… They saw it, smelled it and embraced my totality. They enjoyed the fragrance of my smiles and felt the touch of my laughter, while also sitting silently with me in the corner of my fears being turned on by my own pain like a narcisstic masochist.
With one slight move, the Silhouette can take on a completely different feel. And the beholder is left to interpret what it is they’re actually seeing. The Soul does not so easily transform. I am… simply and fundamentally who I am.
Take that, see that, and love it… or enjoy the shadows on the wall.
Tell this to others and live liberated.
II. Second Wind.
The thing about the Silhouette is that when the light dims and the darkest hour comes… the Silhouette dissipates.
What is cast is only the outline, solely based on angles and positioning. To you, my Silhouette may look different from the way someone else sees it.
That shadow also changes with my physical position and location. Don’t let the smile guide you. Do not let my tall stature and poked-out chest lead you to believe for one minute that the Soul is not rotting. You can enjoy the show with the rest of the people in their seats, eating popcorn and clapping at coronations and crying at tragedies. The Silhouette is the production, the Soul is the writer – a writer that is often misread and misquoted.
I take a second breath and look upon the waters – wondering how much of this ocean is made up of tears… but even the tears help keep you afloat.