2.July – { The Art of Race }


This should be an interesting write.

So……I’m in SEATAC Airport (Seattle-Tacoma) and I have my boarding passes and I head towards the brilliance of our country, known as TSA, to go through security check.  The line was ridiculously long…and if you know anything about me, you know that I don’t do lines (and I’m not talmbout cocaine……well I don’t do cocaine either – YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!)  So I pray to “line-diminishing” Jesus for decrease in this stupid line and BANG! A dumpy man came my way and told me I could walk 100 yards the other way and there was another TSA check-point.  I picked my garment bag up and walked briskly to the other side.

When I got over there, there was one line that separated into two lines.  Typically these lines are separated by whether or not you have TSA “pre-check”..not these lines.  There was a woman at the end of the single line telling some people to go right, and others to go left – we’ll call her the “gate-keeper”.  The gate-keeper told me to go right so I walked over and stood patiently.  As I looked around, I began to notice something…One of the weird things i do is view the world in numbers and colors.  Meaning, I count things almost automatically, I look for symmetry in structure and landscapes and everything is always  moving art, a living canvas.  With this in mind as i stood around to observe I noticed a nice long stream of beautiful brown of various tones and depth.  Then I noticed another beautiful stream of lilly white and privilege. I felt like the Jean-Michel Basquiat of race.  I rubbed my eyes, because surely the gate-keeper wasn’t putting people of color in one line, and whites in the other.  But that’s exactly what she was doing!  Save a few, approximately 95% of the people in either line were either a POC …or in the other line…white, please remember, that i count everything all the time, so although the percentage might be a rough estimate, I did my due diligence in getting a rough but really close estimate.

I tried to be reasonable, I really did, and I thought to myself “well whats the deal here? doesn’t really matter – they’re just lines”

THEN THIS HAPPENED! – the white line went straight to the x-ray scanners and etc.  The POC line? Oh, we got our palms scanned for bomb residue. HA! – GET OUT!…that was SO overt, its as if they weren’t even trying to hide it! And to add insult, everyone that had something covering their head, resembling anything close to, or actually representing the Muslim faith was in the POC/possible bomber line.  The look of frustration on their face spoke of them being used to this type of treatment.

I scoffed, took my shoes off – displaying my red socks with ninjas all over them…and proceeded to my gate, and eventually to the plane where I made no eye contact with people – because seeing the look on people’s faces when they realize they have to sit next  to the black guy….just hurts.

– Kenneth