3.July – { “Beyonce Better Have My Money” a ballad by Robyn Fenty }


So…I get a text from Tina – and all it says is “You’re welcome” – and it has a Youtube link with it.  Now most of the time Tina puts me on to stuff that she knows I’m a stan for.  She doesn’t listen to me when I try to put her on though…

*coughs while saying “GAME OF THRONES”

I click the link and Rihanna’s video comes on…my final thought on the video was “bruh”

Now I have this ongoing thought about how Bey switched her MO a little bit towards the bad side attempting to resemble the persona of Rihanna.  Think about it for a second.  Rihanna has been with Jay since she was like 5 years old, you gotta know that Rih has a special place in Jay’s mind (and possibly heart) that Bey hasn’t conquered.  How else would you explain Bey’s self-titled album with songs like “partition” and singing about being drunk- some may look at it as her maturation surfacing, her being comfy with her sensuality within the construct of her marriage.  I say she’s reaching.  Everyone knows who the original and real bad-girl is; Robyn Fenty.

From 2007’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” to “Disturbia“…to “S&M” to cake cake cake cake cake cake…to her showing up to award shows nakey (yes nakey) ……all the way to #BBHMM and the video, where you got a look at slight genius resting in her macabre art.  The girls body was swinging from the ceiling, and Rih slightly moved her head while she was on the phone as if she was irritated by said swinging body.  And the end, where’s she’s once again nakey in a chest full of money, with money on her chest – to the final shot with Beyonce’s blood on her face.

Robyn won.

– Kenneth.