12.July – { Outdoor Afro: The Blacks are Behaving Strangely }


My boy Drew sent me a link in my FB messenger – and said nothing about it the link…just sent a random link.

I clicked the link and discovered something glorious.  A site that orchestrates meetings of the blacks in wooded areas – and well outside of the context of Harriet Tubman’s endeavors.  For years I have joked about how blacks don’t hike, blacks don’t camp etc…and while the only absolute is that there are no absolutes…camping and hiking just really seemed like stuff white people did…the kind of white people that loves to eat granola and kiss their dogs in the mouth.  BUT THIS? – a site that showed pictures of genuinely happy blacks, outdoors, doing “things” – – i have to admit…I’m curious, and as of late I’ve had an itch for hiking.  Not so much camping, unless it’s in a cabin that has showers and WiFi.  Hell, I was homeless in real life, why the hell am I going to go live like that voluntarily, even if for a weekend?  (HAVE YOU SEENT MY HOUSE?)

This site helps organize nation-wide gatherings.  Give it a peep!

yay black people in wooded/forresty areas doing things!


– Kenneth