10.Aug – { An Open Letter to ALL Hearts } with Brandy

hippie anarchist

Family, as I sit here in front of this PC I am afraid, I have lost my way a few times since joining the blog squad and spent many nights writing without posting due to internal conflict. As you may know I am fundamentally predestined to be seen as an extrovert, but feel at my best when home alone, with my books and thoughts due to my Introvert-Cancerian-Hibernation loving nature. Any who, this may not touch you right where I would like, but if I may I would like to offer some advice on avoiding the confidence lacking, sorrowful rut that is opportunistically sitting near us all.

  • Your happiness is only dependent on you, make time for yourself, have inner dialogue and be decisive.
  • When people show you that you have to vie for their attention or affection, ask yourself why you want it? Why you are their option and not their choice? Move on smartly.
  • When you have the opportunity to express yourself in a forum with which you have real feelings, DO NOT clam up, make your claim and know that you spoke your truth.
  • Give of yourself only what you can afford to be indebted, do not give with the hopes of feeling, money or consideration being returned… Stay in the Positive!
  • If you feel that you are in need of space, take that shit, it is hard enough being available, but to forgo the chance to recharge hurts everyone.

I have felt so pissed with all the racially motivated and completely disgusting things going on in our country; felt so badly for the way that the POTUS is constantly bombarded with ignorant rhetoric; annoyed at the expenditure of love and devotion I have displayed to those I thought worthy, but felt like chum when laying down for the night… But I know I am not alone! Thank you for letting me spill my tea, offer my thoughts and wish you all a better day than those I have had since March this year. I plan to submit to my creative juices and share with you all even if it means “not so awesome” comments; either way I am fed!

Love & Light, H-Anarchist OUT!