11.Nov – { Ferguson, Columbia, and Missouri’s Handling of the N*ggers }



A little over a year after the murder of Michael Brown, Missouri decided to show it’s hiney again in the way of institutional racism at the University of Missouri (MIZZOU).  BUT, like many blacks across this grand ole country – we’re not here for the BS anymore.  So…in a great peaceful showing of solidarity the coloreds that play on the their beloved football team decided to NOT PLAY until the Chancellor stepped down.  Main reason being…he’s been ignoring them and their claims of racism and injustice on the campus.  So, they SHUT IT DOWN!  Coaches and faculty included.  The blacks followed proper channels, and peacefully protested, just like the whites want us to.


Now, the domestic terrorist group known as the KKK has sent warnings out the blacks on MIZZOU’s campus – threatening them… this country is gone inches in the journey of progression as it pertains to racism.  INCHES.  This feels like the 60s…i was born in 1980, why do I feel like we’re in the 60s.  Why is the KKK allowed to do anything, march, rally…they’re not different than ISIS or al’Queda – group’s that we’ve identified for killing people and instilling fear to a specific targeted group.

Unfortunately I honestly feel that there will be a race riot of sorts will happen soon.  Because the covert racism has drifted to overt.  And the racist whites are not stopping, and the blacks…we’re tired, and done.

I promise to Malcolm I’m moving out of this country as soon as I get the chance……actually only to experience the reality that black is hated worldwide.