4. Jan – { Melanin Enriched Dynamite and the Short Fuses That Ignite Them }



From the micro-aggressive actions and nuances built into the everyday actions of insensitive non-poc …to the obnoxiously overt actions of the government, legal system and law enforcement towards the blacks…I feel that this year it’s going to be a “new year, new us” kind of thing going on.  My close circle of friends (shout-out to the “Willows” and to my “Brother of the Realm” are already on it this year with the immediate calling out of BS in everyday situations.  Our fuses are short and we’re very tired of talking about the following things – this is a concise and not complete listing of things that I feel will get someone cussed out – or worse.

  • funky attitudes towards us from white people based on our color
  • whites acting like we’re the criminals when they’ve been the most savage of all humans since civilization with the colonization of other nations, raping and pillaging and spreading disease for the cause expansion and manifest destiny.
  • tears
  • cultural appropriation
  • perpetuating the “angry black woman” myth
  • mispronouncing our names
  • supporting white american terrorists (i.e. school and theatre shooters and the current oregon sitch with the terrorist militia)
  • killing us and getting off scott free (reference cops)
  • prison industrial complex (new slavery)
  • systematic oppression
  • touching our hair, or inappropriate comments about our hair
  • dabbing
  • not seasoning food
  • letting don lemon speak
  • saying the “n” word….we can say it – you can’t …shut up and get over it

I honestly believe that if the killings continue – above all of these things listed that the community will explode.  The fuse is short.  We’re already lit.

  • Kenneth