19.Jun – { Father’s Day Postage }


Awesome day to those gentlemen worldwide that decided not to pull-out …whatever your reason was….lol!

I’m getting hella text messages from people wishing me a happy father’s day…some of them telling me why they believe I’m a good dad.  Most of them, I honestly don’t know who they are…I’m just tired of responding with a “new phone who dis” message.

I thank all of those that wished me a happy daddy day – but honestly true fatherhood can be down-right scary.  I would imagine that motherhood would be the same.  You just don’t want to get it wrong you know?  In my specific case of fatherhood, I have 2 very talented and gifted young boys that are aware of themselves and their surroundings.  So there’s little wiggle room for error without one of them having an honest conversation on how you need to do better as a person, and a parent.  A they get older – the realization of how much of an a-hole I am is witnesses daily through their actions and responses to the general public.  I don’t know how to NOT be who i am.  I can only mitigate their level of douche-baggery with making sure they love people, and love doing things for people.  Hopefully that’ll balance them out.  We’ll definitely see.

I love those awkward moments when you get mad at them for doing things that you do – but you know they got it honestly, so you’re really not in a position to say anything because you know you’re just as horrible as they are…..BUT you say something anyway because you’re dad.  I heard my dad say it best – one day he apologized to me for not being as good of a dad as he nows thinks he should’ve been..he said “Son, I’m sorry..but as you were growing as my son…I was growing as a dad, and i was constantly met with new things daily, very challenging things…..not like you came with a manual”  I respected him so much for that and it taught me a lot as I was just entering the realm of fatherdom.

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11.Jun – { A Worm’s Place in the Animal Kingdom }


LeBron is a huge worm.

Like…big enough for people to be like “maaaaan, that’s a huge worm” – but not enough to be concerned with.  Look, I’m a coach – and probably the most brilliant coach to ever live. With that being said my assessment of Lebron Orenthal James is pretty solid.  He just uses blunt force to bully his way to the basket – and when teams crowd the basket to attempt to slow him down – he dishes.  It’s simple basketball.  He’s an amazing athlete but he’s still a huge worm.  There are other players that are killers, the players that can be likened to crazy animals that kill people for fun with no remorse – animals like sharks, lions, tigers, pit bulls, and white people.  Animals that smell blood and kill the weak.  LeBron is not built like that.  With some people you can tell that something is not in them – like….if i were to compare it to hanging out with him – I wouldn’t hit the streets with him….at all.  He would be the dude that ran if someone rushed you and the squad.  He would be trey in the backseat of the car “Let me out” face…..  He’s not O-Dogg, He’s not Bishop …He’s Deangelo Barksdale, Eddie Winslow, Theo Huxtable.

LeBron and Chris playing violin and singing.

LeBron and Chris playing violin and singing.

He completely disappears when he’s needed…well, there was that ONE game when he snapped for 25 in the 4th quarter against the Pistons about 94 years ago.  He travels uncontrollably, feels like he’s entitled, and is simply a WORM…a big WORM.

Kobe, the last great killer in the animal kingdom…Mr. Black Mamba himself was asked who has the torch next – he said Steph and Clay…you don’t mention worms when talking about predators.  Kobe said they were stone cold killers, and could be counted on at the end of games.  Daaaaaaaaaang Kobe.

In closing, shut up.

Lebron is good – a good all around player, a great all around player…but he’s not one to bring his team to the next level to win a ring.  I mean, you see where he had to take his talents in order to get the rings he has now.

*Donald Trump Shrugs

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