9.Jul – { **NEW MUSIC** Black Girl Magic by Shae Loren }


I’ve known this woman for over 15 years…she’s finishing her doctorate – and I remember when she first started rapping…to hear what she’s doing now is extremely impressive – she epitomizes BLACK GIRL MAGIC…

I’m honored that she calls me her big brother….

Here’s her latest record “BLACK GIRL MAGIC”


Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you…Shae Loren

Me:  Tell me about “Limeade”

Her: Limeade is a project created by Fredericksburg, Virginia based producer Ayo Jaí. The project is a follow up to his Jaí album, the first compilation that he produced sampling Beyonce’s self titled 2013 album. This project, Limeade, samples her Lemonade album and showcases lyricism from several Fredericksburg, Virginia artists.


Me:  What influenced you to do this song?

Her: Ntozake Shange inspired me to do this song, Nikki Giovanni inspired me to do this song, Nina Simone, Queen Latifah, Ma Rainey, Bell Hooks, My mother, my mother’s mother, my unborn daughter- every woman in the fiber of my being inspired me to do this song.  I inspired me to do this song. Black girl magic is a celebration of self, it is also a cultural nod to every black woman who ever existed whose specs of melanin are in my skin and whose coils spring from my scalp. In celebrating me I embrace, caress, empower and praise the existence of what I represent- a species of fearless, unapologetic, resilient, loving, nurturing, brave, everlasting creatures. The black woman is God herself.


Me:  What’s your sickest bar on the record?

Her:  My sickest bar on the record to me is “the universe lives in my pussy if you are not certain I’m fire we don’t match homie”  To me this bar encompasses a lot in a few words. It would be a dissertation if I went into it, but in short I’m saying everything that exists in the world, every atom, every molecule, every flower, every smile, love, worship, spirit and all things in opposition dwells in the place where life begins – the garden of Eden- genisis. And owning that it exists in my divine space gives me full power and control over the universe. I hope every woman can walk with this kind of power. The saying goes “there is power in the pussy” and it always has a highly sexual connotation- thats marginal compared to what the power is really about. It’s not about pleasure it’s about purpose. It’s about understanding that Gods will cannot go forth without it. And If you don’t  believe I have this power and you are a woman,  you can’t believe you have it and we don’t match. Furthermore if you are male and you don’t believe it we can’t be a match because you don’t fully comprehend Gods majesty when you see it.

Me:  Who are your influences and why?

Her:  My mom- she’s the first representatin of God in my life.

Whitney Houston- she helped me to understand the power of Gods anointing as it
pertains to possessing a gift.
Me:  What did you want to leave your listeners with after hearing this song?
Her:  I want my listeners to be educated, empowered and entertained by every piece of music I create.