18.Sep – { They Cheered at my Death }


I didn’t die. lol – otherwise this post would be hella weird.  But I basically did.  This post is about owning your moment.  Celebrating your attention and literally not caring a single ounce about what anyone thinks about you.  Gather around I have a story to tell about something that happened to me yesterday – listen up, this is good.

We had a promotion ceremony for our newly minted Chief’s.  Almost the whole ship was there.  For those that are Navy-illiterate, an aircraft carrier has a couple of thousand people  onboard.  Yeah, almost all of them were there.  The bleachers were filled will Sailors and down on the floor there were chairs set up for family, friends and etc…I wanted to be close to the action so I went to the floor seats.  Our Commanding Officer got up to give his speech – and I’m his Exec so I was listening attentively…then all of a sudden…


(this was me minus about a hunnit pounds and way more melanin)

My chair collapsed into about 29 pieces and I was flat on my back, looking up at the rafters.  It sounded like a gun-shot…. and then it got silent.  As I was laying flat on my back …I knew I had about 3 seconds to OWN MY MOMENT.  I then yelled “Sir…I’m alright!” …everyone erupted in laughter – tear-jerking laughter.  Some were laughing with me, and some at me – And i didn’t care at all.  I stood up like i was gladiator at the colosseum, lifted one hand in the air, waved to the people…took a bow, kicked the broken chair out of the way..pulled up another chair and sat down….as if nothing had happened.

Afterwards many people came to me laughing – but talked about how they would’ve just died if they would’ve gone through the same thing.  Some are quoted in saying “man, you even make breaking and falling in a chair in front of hundreds of people look cool” … I just owned the moment.

In life you can crumble in those moments – or seize them.  I got my big dumb self up off of that floor and rose up like i had done something monumental and awesome, and the people should be grateful to have witnessed someone of my stature break a chair like a proud fat boy.

  • when they cheer at your death, raise from the dead and kill them like a real zombie would