11.Oct – { Solange > Bey }



Hey there, how are you doing? – if you haven’t listened to Solange’s new album “A Seat the Table” – Then you’re probably an idiot.  That was a bit harsh, but I honestly don’t care…you’re an idiot.

I saw a notification from Tidal that Solange had a new album out, and for anyone that knows me knows that it takes me at least 9 years to listen to new music.  They would also know that I’ve been a Solange stan for awhile…it gives me another chance to put someone over Beyonce (other than Robyn Fenty my Boo-thang)…I went to Tidal and at 11:45pm I started listening and I didn’t stop until it was over.  My soul was singing with her – she touched parts of me that have been screaming about the black experience but calmly and melodically dealt with it.  This one is for us! (and by US I mean black people).

The production is mood-shifting.  Chord progressions are deep and intentional and she is definitely married to the tracks, this can only be explained by the fact she was heavily involved in the production.  This album is like when Erykah first came out and no one knew what to do but shut up and absorb it all.  Let her words sink in and be blessed.

Don’t Touch my Hair” – this video has me mesmorized…I need to call my auntie to get finger-waves too btw….when she was just snappin’ with all those melanin-enriched folks dressed in white, I jumped up and started dancing with her.

In 2013 she started to make this album, and I’m godly grateful that she took her time with it.  She documented her processes and jam sessions in the following video – I always love to see people in their creative processes.

The interludes with her parents, and frikkin MASTER P! – MASTER P of all people.  Just sharing experiences and his mindset towards what he did in the 90s to get his “seat at the table”.   Master P also talks about how he loves her message and how she’s gotten internet bullied and not given her just-do because her sister is Beyonce.

This album is well thought out, well put together and NO joke.

I know Rihanna is going to be mad at me – but this is my album of the year…last couple of years actually.  

Thank you Solange,