29.May – { White F&$@ing Privilege }



(the pic above is of the actual prick that this story is about)

So… after a pretty successful trip to San Diego (which is German for “Whale’s Vagina”) – I caught my flight back up to the Emerald City.  I walked from the terminal headed to baggage claim listening to “XXX” by Kendrick Lamar and probably noticeably jamming out to it in stride.  The casual bystander probably noticed my sauce and wanted to say something to me..but they didn’t because they knew I was glowed up and I didn’t have time for mediocre encounters (but I digress)…  So I get to the baggage claim and there’s a man (pictured above) to my right, he looked like he voted for 45 twice in the same election, and there was also a lady standing right in front of me.

The conveyor belt starts to move and I noticed that my suitcase was fourth in a line of regular luggage bags.  I turned to the man next to me and said “Pardon me” and stepped up to grab my luggage.  Now since there was a woman in front of me, I had to step in front of him, which is why I said PARDON ME.


I turned around and did not act like a man of God.  In short, I wanted to know who the hell he thought he was – and of course this was seasoned with choice expletives of the greatest variety.  As I thought about punching him dead center of his face, I also saw myself being handcuffed….because black.  He proclaimed that I had no right to block the carousel – I told him that I pardoned myself and asked how else was I supposed to get my luggage but by walking up to it.  I stormed off enraged.  When I got outside I started pacing back and forth, I talked myself into going back inside and punching him in the temple.  When I got back inside – I thought of myself getting handcuffed by the police and taken to jail.  I walked back outside…paced some more.  I went in again and talked myself out of it again.  I took a picture of him and decided to resort to using a system that was created to incarcerate and vilify me – the lovely protector and servers that were outside.

Tragic Fail.

I told Officer Bohm of Seattle PD of the incident, and I also told him that the guy was still in there if he wanted me to point him out.  He was more concerned with taking notes in his notepad than actually helping me.  I was telling him that he was going to leave soon – but he said even if that was the case that he would walk around to see if he would bump into him.  Mind you…he said this without asking me for a description of the man.  So I knew he was trash.  I was over it at that point – so i just got in the car with Matt and we drove off.

My take-aways were –

  • I don’t think he ever thought of the consequences of pushing someone because wyfolk reasons
  • Why does he think that he has the right to put his hands on me and push me – even if i was blocking the conveyor, it wasn’t grounds for physicality of any sort.  Kiiiiiiind of like killing black people for petty crimes or for no crimes at all.
  • This man, in all of his privileged glory, at NO point thought that what he was doing was wrong – and honestly a little jail time would’ve been worth it to have him sucking roast beef through a straw for the next couple of weeks.  At least at a micro level he wouldn’t be so cavalier to put his hands on people anymore.  And it would’ve made more of a difference than dealing with the law.


Black Light Feature: Shae St. Loren “DEAR BROTHER” Music Video



Shae St. Loren in short…is when you take Bahamadia and Lauryn Hill and mix them in a 2017 version with extra sauce.  And I’m not saying that because she’s the executive producer of my up and coming album “broken kids” or because I’ve known her for well over 15 years – but I say this because s…


This song “Dear Brother” is dedicated to her younger brother CKC Bas$quiat – who is another amazing emcee (I remember when he started to fall in love with rapping at the age of 9 – and now he’s a problem….see below)

***standby for her solo project – and more work from myself, Shae St. Loren, and Bas$quiat**


Blacklight Feature: Hanzo the Phantom


K:  Please explain who Hanzo the Phantom is and tell us about Trackyon Music


H:  There’s a lot I know you want me to dive into, but I’ll keep it short. Hanzo The Phantom is a lyricist and a recording artist. I am an overall creative. I take the many ideas and concepts I think about, or study, whatever or however it comes, and set forth to make a soundtrack to it. Through my music I create my own multiverse and seek to develop it.

Trackyon Music and Entertainment is Record Label I founded in Seattle Washington, I operate, and represent. Trackyon originally derives from the word “Tachyon” which is a hypothetical particle that moves faster than light, commonly discussed in quantum mechanics.  The word “Track” giving it a musical element as in recording a track, hopping on the track, murdering the track etc; so together the word Trackyon is intended to mean “Music that touches you faster than light.” And we are comin’ with it.

K:  What do you consider to be your lane in Hip-Hop?


H:  My “lane” in Hip-Hop….Hmmm… well the “lane” I consider is mine the GOAT lane. Does that make sense? Meaning that as possible as I can, but I want my music and my projects to be immortalized because I put out quality records. Timeless records to be specific. No matter when or where you are, the right Hanzo The Phantom song makes everything better. I also often tell people I make feel good music. Regardless of the sound concept or whatever, it has to feel good. So if there’s an easier way to explain that lane let me know. I just wanna kick rhymes so profoundly they resonate through life times…So yeah. Whatever THAT lane is.

K:  Tell me about you worst show/set ever?


H:  Trick question, there hasn’t been a worst show! Just less lit shows than other lit shows lol. But seriously, since I’ve been Hanzo The Phantom there aren’t many shows I can say were bad in the eyes of the audience. There’s been times I was a little too loaded before, or have the Sahara Desert of cotton mouths going on and I stammered words (definitely did that in Vancouver, WA one night), but the people there were still enthused by the performance. Lots of positive feedback, even though I’m super tough on myself afterwards. Outside of my time being Hanzo The Phantom, back when I was in High School I had a very challenging moment at our schools talent show. Walter Strumm (at the time NC Tha Great) had a set and he put me on one of his songs. I just failed. Completely. Utterly. Forgot my whole verse, couldn’t even get pass my 3rd bar. It was tragic lol. I was embarrassed and was afraid my homie wouldn’t wanna make music with me anymore. When that happened though, I just doubled down on my craft, kept writing, and practicing.  Just passion and love for it you know. I didn’t touch another stage til after college. Think it paid off though lol.


K:  What’s your latest project – and what should Hanzo fans (current and future) have gained from that album?

H:  My latest project is titled “All Eyes Can’t See”. It was a tape I put together just really reflective of what is and what is mistaken. More or less about what we see, what we choose to see, what we don’t see, and what people refuse to see. That comes in many forms: life, love, judgments, personal growth and development. Overall I want my fans to understand that All Eyes Can’t See “THEM”. Most eyes will confuse them. There are plenty of eyes refuse to see them. So when it comes down to it, what do you really understand, or What can You really see? I could talk all day about it, and I know its kinda cryptic but you gotta feel it to really grip it.

Get ‘All Eyes Can’t See’ here (hanzotp.com/alleyes)

K:  What’s next for Trackyon?


H:  Trackyon Music has been cookin’ like mad men. But we are doing shows as often as we are talked about. We are solidifying some moves to get into some bigger venues. As a label we got some music projects on the horizon we are excited to share. From Hanzo The Phantom, I have been working on an LP titled “Fathom The Moment”.  Been working on it for a couple years now, and I’m excited to share it with friends and fans alike. Another Trackyon artist, StP@, has some projects on the horizon titled “P@RIOTS” and “Finding Feng Shui”, very lyrical and deep projects for the mind to enjoy. To top it all off, Trackyon Music will release its collaboration called “Sp@dez” which is made up of Hanzo The Phantom and StP@, the project name itself is still being determined whilst finishing up recording and mastering. But it’s nothing short of awesome.

K: “Backyard Postcards” is my favorite Hanzo album – what do you think made it such a bomb project?


H:  Lots of factors come to mind I think about my baby Haha… It was full of passion. When I started recording the project all I knew was I wanted to drop a mixtape. I fresh out of college and I was in a very weird “What Now?” phase. Was it grad school next or whatever? At that time I was really coming into my own as an artist. I worked out a lot of kinks. So when I was writing and recording the project I was just doing my passionate best. Another thing was I had some fantastic features on it. Early on there was a lot of enthusiasm when my apartment became the place to record. As time progressed we all found ourselves in different spaces. A few artists I stopped working with due to differences of opinion and understanding, which sucks, but when the project was comin’ together, we were only focused on the good times, the creativity, the sound, and developing as artists.  That’s what Backyard Postcards is about: growth, growing up, and being aware of what’s next.

Lastly, I took my time with it. I actually released Backyard Postcards a year earlier to some close friends and other people I was associated with and I got big thumbs up.  Tons of positive feedback. Didn’t really promote it because I wasn’t the most confident with it. I was also caught up with trying to run Trackyon and all the artists I was attempting to include at that time. So a year later I revisited the project when I was workin’ with Walter Strumm, I had removed my focus from building the label and really focusing on my artistic solidification. What ended up happening was I released BackYard PostCards with 4 additional tracks from the original I sent out, and really got behind it on the marketing. Walter being on the boards was also very helpful to ensure the project sounded like an album and not an amateur mixtape.


K:  Where can people get your music and more information about Hanzo the Phantom?

H:  Right now you can find my music on two websites

www.trackyonmusic.com – which houses all the things my label has done. There are some other dope artists on there as well. I’m on pretty much everything presented in the music section with the exception of StP@’s “The Unveiling”. My self-titled EP is also available on the website, but additionally available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play.  

www.hanzotp.com –this website is my “personal” artist webpage where you can find things that are all Hanzo The Phantom. I also put projects on here separate from what Trackyon Music Promotes. Some projects that I do will only be available here (i.e. All Eyes Can’t See is available here but not on trackyonmusic’s website).

All Hanzo The Phantom information can found at hanzotp.com. There’s also a contact form if you need to get a message to me.

You can find me on IG and twitter:  @hellfirejaq7 or @HellFireJaQ7

You can find me on Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/HanzoTP

Facebook – facebook.com/HanzoTP

Stay tuned to all of those for a bigger drop coming soon.