Oct.17 – { When We Decide to Share }

Hello, I wanted to take you into the mind of a creative soul.  Many of you may have friends or relatives that are creatives, or you may be one yourself.  If that’s the case then I hope this resonates and speaks to this topic well.

All too often people misunderstand when someone wants to show you their craft or let you hear their work.  Too often the requested audience of the creative soul misses the chance to connect or to tap into something that they may not even realize is going on.  The artist, be it visual or audio, is sharing a piece of their heart and soul.  This gesture may be mistaken as a single act of narcissism as to say “hey look at me, look what I did” (and on occasion there are those that do it for that reason) – But my experience as an artist, and knowing others that create – the intent behind that gesture comes from a different place.  The hours and days it took them to go into a certain place to create.  The mood-shifts and emotional stirrings that provoke environments of artistic expression that lead to their finished product.  The vulnerability behind them being in a place to FINALLY share with someone…and that someone being you – this in and of itself is a lane of intimacy that goes beyond any traditional sense of the term.  This intimacy is not always a romanticized intimacy either, but it can be the type of intimacy that forms bonds beyond explanation.  It is the type of reach that if not taken into proper consideration, you could insult and abrasively handle this show of intimacy with indifference and lack of consideration which would ultimately bruise the artist and cause them to either cloak the art…or ease your presence from the private showings.

Some creatives are weird, I get it…always doing something – and explaining it to the core and working on some sort of project that’s hard to explain to the onlooker – but if you just bare with them and get lost with them in their world, without judgment and with the same excitement, you will be blessed in the end.  More often that not, this is not how this is handled, which is why creatives prefer to vibe with other creatives.  It’s like “my dark sees your dark” or “my weird matches your weird” – and it’s all love.  It’s not forced, it’s accepting and free-spirited.  It reminds me of the countless hours I would spend at Hanzo The Phantom’s crib – vibing with St P@, Chelsea, Kandeaux the Savage, and Killer Matt.  We would talk concepts and interpret verses…go back and listen to old stylings and tell the origin story of the project and just listen and groove.  It reminds me of my recent sessions with Will Porter, where we just vibed and shared art, and music and concepts and he read me a chapter of his book and I just sat there and listened because I know the importance of that gesture.  Creatives don’t ask to be creatives, we just see the world through a different lens, and choose to communicate our interpretation via our intimate channels of art.

So…next time you find yourself in that space – shut up, listen, look, read, and vibe.

You’ll be blessed if you do.

  • Kenneth